10 Simplified DIY Wine Cork Crafts

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If you’re looking for something crafty to get into this weekend, try using what we all have laying around in a drawer in the kitchen: wine corks.

Now, if you don’t save your wine corks after opening a great bottle – not to worry! You can purchase inexpensive wine corks from your local crafts store, and sometimes you may find them at neighborhood second-hand stores.

If you consume a little red wine while doing these crafts, and happen to spill a little on your carpet, Steam Pro can take care of it.


Dinner Party Place Holders

Spruce up any sized gathering with these neat place holders. Cut a wine cork either diagonally or horizontally and add the place holder card in. You can do this to mark entire tables or for each individual guest, which will certainly leave them feeling very special.


Wall Mural

This exciting project will definitely be an enjoyable feat. You can use anywhere between 100-2,000 wine corks to make this amazing wall mural. If you skip out on cutting the wine corks down to be flush, you will have a beautiful multi-level mural. Glue the wine corks randomly together along their sides, then finish off the masterpiece by adding a thin layer of Mod Podge for a great shine, or a beautiful matte finish!




Bring your warm dishes to the dinner table with this great trivet idea. Gather your desired amount of wine corks, depending on how big you want the trivet to be, and string them all together with a zip-tie. If you want to make a certain shape, you may need to use a stencil and glue the sides of the corks together. Get a little fancy and use a ribbon instead of a zip-tie.



This voyage may take a little longer than the rest of the crafts, but it’ll be well worth the effort. Gather wine corks (150-200), slice them in half (lengthwise), glue them onto a rubber shower mat and let it dry. The next time you host a dinner party, be sure to slip this rug into the guest bathroom and get ready to soak in all of the ooh’s and ahh’s.



Garden Labels

Place Content HereCan’t tell basil from your cilantro? Maybe these DIY wine cork garden labels can help. All you’ll need is a dark permanent marker, a wine cork per each plant and some tall skewers, and the rest is self-explanatory!



Small Candle Decorations

This simple touch can brighten up any dinner table. Place wine corks completely around any short candle holder and tie them together with a nice ribbon. You can also glue them together on a thin cork-board platform for more of a rustic look.



Jewelry Holder

Never lose an earring again. This jewelry holder makes for a thoughtful gift and will free up some room in your bathroom drawers. Grab an interesting frame, maybe that one you’ve been eyeing to throw out, then set it aside. Cut a few differently shaped wine corks in half and glue them to the front of the backing. Lastly, twist in a few hooks, and you’ve got a trendy new jewelry holder!



Picture Frame

This great project has a little more free-range than the rest. You can cut and arrange wine corks in any way you wish to make a customized look for your picture frame.  Cut wine corks in half, in thirds or just use some of the fall away crumbles to add some spunk to your frame!



Small Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

These little goodies can also second as party favors. Carefully use a small pocket knife to carve out a section in the middle of the cork, then glue a strong magnet to the backside. Next, pack in a little potting mix (some may like to mix in a little gravel and water as well), then nestle in your tiny succulent!




Whether you hang it in the kitchen or in your bedroom, this cork-board will come in handy for hanging everything on! Grab a cute frame, cut your wine corks in thirds, then glue them onto the front of the frame backing. Make your cork-board stand out by painting a few of the wine corks.



There are so many great projects you can do with wine corks, the list is truly endless! Follow our Pinterest account for more DIY crafts ideas and projects!

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