Steam Pro’s air duct cleaning service includes cleaning of all vents, cold air returns, as well as supply vents, cleaning of the main trunk line, cleaning of the furnace and components. We then fog an organic based sanitizer into your vent system which is safe for pets, people with allergies, and kids.

We use all truck-mounted equipment. To get started, we will remove all vent and register covers. We run a 2″ hose down each vent line first to remove any large dirt and debris. Then we go back and brush the vent lines with a nylon brush on flexible rods. This process scrapes off the dirt, dust, and particles that have adhered to the duct walls. Then we vacuum once again removing the debris that we have scraped off during the brushing process. So, each line has been thoroughly vacuumed twice. We then fog a disinfectant mist through each line to sanitize and kill dust mites, molds, mildew, germs, and bacteria that may be lurking in your ventilation system. Finally, we put your vent and register covers back on. Now your system is free from the dirt, dust, and debris that are a host for microscopic organisms that can pose health problems for you and your family.

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