Air Ducts and Carpet Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring is here bringing warm, muggy air along with it. The heat encourages homeowners to crank up their air conditioning systems in attempts to stay cool. While the temperature cools down, the risk of mold, allergens and dust buildup in the home, increases. Without proper cleaning, your abode begins to accumulate layers of unwanted dirt, and your air ducts start to recirculate unhealthy air while creating unsanitary carpet conditions.    

Even the most attentive homeowners don’t always recognize when it’s time to give their air ducts and carpet some extra attention.

Here are the top five signs you need to clean your air ducts and carpets.

  1. Do you live in an energy-efficient home? If you answered yes you may not be aware that energy-efficient homes are sealed tighter than traditional, older homes. Thus, duct cleaning is critical as you run the risk of trapping dust, mold and smells in your air ducts and carpets- especially if you have children and pets at home.  
  2. Black lines around carpet edges, matted fibers from soil buildup, and visible stains are a sure sign your carpet could use some love. Dirt around the area where carpet aligns with a doorway means dirt is infiltrating through gaps in the walls, under doors or broken screens.
  3. Your house is dusty. You may dust until your heart’s content yet still find it accumulating on air vents, floors, and well, everywhere. Chances are your air ducts, and carpets are full of it as well. When you turn on your heating or cooling system, you’re spreading it all over the house.
  4. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory health issues, it’s a good idea to have your ducts and carpet professionally cleaned semi-annually. Proper cleaning will reduce your exposure to irritants such as dust, pollen, pet hair and other airborne particles.
  5. Your house stinks! Unpleasant smells in your home are often signs of mold, moisture problems, or settled-in stains. If you notice such odors in your home, it’s time for a professional cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at a minimum of once a year, but every six months if you have pets and children running around. Air ducts typically need a good cleaning every two to three years, but again, if you have children and pets, or sensitivities to dust, more frequent cleanings are recommended.

Don’t trust air duct cleaning to just anyone. When you hire Steam Pro to clean out your air ducts you can count on excellent customer service and thorough cleaning of the following components:  

  • Standard Vents
  • Cold air returns
  • Supply vents
  • Main trunk line
  • Furnace inspected

While we are cleaning out your air ducts, Steam Pro’s professional team will tackle your carpets as well! We are up-to-date with the best in steam carpet cleaning ensuring you will always receive the best possible service.

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