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Carpet maintenance may not be a top priority on your list but it happens to be extremely important for the integrity and longevity of your carpet. If maintenance is not performed regularly, it can lead to serious damage that will require carpet restoration or in worse cases, a full carpet replacement. This is especially true for carpet in commercial use that involves heavy traffic, causing more wear and tear than carpet in a residential home.

At Steam Pro we specialize in both carpet cleaning  and carpet restoration. We are a leading service for carpet cleaning in Denver and we are committed to providing a quality customer experience! Below we discuss the differences between our carpet cleaning service versus our carpet restoration service.


Carpet Cleaning Service

Our carpet cleaning service is quick and reliable. We use use the highest quality products that are eco-friendly and 100% safe for children and family pets.

A standard carpet cleaning service is recommended for these criterions:

Soil Level: Light to moderate

Damage: Light to moderate

Time: 6-18 Months since last cleaning


Step 1: Walk Through- Before we bring in our steam carpet cleaning equipment, we will walk through the area with you that needs to be treated so the client can point out specific areas of concern or large stains.

Step 2: Pre-Wash and Cleaner Application- After a walk-through, we will begin by spot treating and bringing our equipment into the building to apply our carpet cleaning solution. We will also give special attention to the stained areas pointed out to us so they can be treated with care.

Step 3: Heavy Duty Steam Wash- Steam Pro’s last step begins by bringing in our heavy duty steam carpet cleaning units. Our units are state-of-the-art, running on water at temperatures between 230°F and 240°F to ensure your carpet will be clean and sanitized by the end of the day. Our steam carpet cleaning machines will go below the surface of the carpet to get rid of dirt and grime lying beneath, while also removing all cleaners and leaving you with fresh smelling carpet.

We will be in and out of your house within a couple hours and you will be left with carpets that look like new.

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Carpet Restoration Service

We have an experienced team here at Steam Pro and our carpet restoration service is top of the line! Carpet restoration will require more time and each case will have varying factors based on how many treatments the carpet requires.

A carpet restoration service will usually be recommended for carpets that have:

Soil Level: Heavy

Damage: Heavy

Time: 18 Months+


Step 1: Walk Through– The walk through will be performed and our carpet restoration experts will take special notes of the highly damaged areas and the depth of soil. Steam Pro cleaners will be able to give you an estimate for the number of treatments your carpet will need and realistic expectations.

Step 2: Carpet Raking and Vacuuming– Our experts will begin by extracting as much dirt as possible before adding carpet cleaning products and water. This will require a carpet rake and going over the carpet multiple times with a vacuum. This will also help loosen up the carpet fibers so the cleaning solutions can penetrate further into the fibers.

Step 3: Pre-Wash and Cleaner Application- Similar to our standard carpet cleaning service, we will begin by bringing our equipment into the building to apply our carpet cleaning solution. In this first application and removal, we will not focus on spot treatments. For carpet restoration, this first cleaning is to loosen the fibers to break down the dirt.

Step 4: Heavy Duty Steam Wash- We will bring in our steam cleaning and removal equipment to rinse and remove as much soil as possible.

Step 5: Leave to Dry– After the carpet has been dried, our carpet restoration experts can assess how many treatments your carpet will need and the areas of your carpet that requires spot cleaning.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 3, 4, and 5- We will repeat these steps until your carpet is clean and in acceptable condition.

Whether you are in need of carpet cleaning or carpet restoration, Stream Pro is here to serve you! We offer top of the line pro steam carpet cleaning services in Denver and we will conduct a free walk through and estimation. Call us today!

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