Steam Pro’s carpet cleaning services gives you the best in residential and commercial cleaning. First, we will walk through the areas to be cleaned with you, our customer. We will address any concerns you may have. We will evaluate and determine any areas that may require special attention. Next, we pre-spray and pre-spot the entire carpeted areas to be steam cleaned. We use all natural cleaning products, which are completely biodegradable and non-toxic. They are 100% safe for children as well as pets. Our pre-spray is made from citrus-based products that will naturally break down the dirt, grit, and grime in your carpets. Next, we use our state-of-the-art truck-mounted units to extract the pre-spray and broken down soils. Our truck mount’s water temperature runs between 230 and 240 degrees. Not only do these high temperatures clean better, they also sterilize the carpet. When we are extracting, we use nothing but soft water from our on-board water softener. This completely removes any cleaning products, residue, and soil to insure a clean, soft, and fresh smelling carpet when we are finished. We also move most furniture… couches, tables, chairs, and replace them with protectors under the feet. All of this is included in our up front prices.

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