Carpet  & Fabric Protection Services

After the initial investment of steam cleaning your carpets, it is wise to add an additional layer of protection to deter future stains from settling into the clean fibers. Master Blend and Flourochem are the best carpet protection agents in the industry and the eco-friendly brands we trust at Steam Pro. These products can be used on all water safe materials and will keep your carpets looking like new for months!


After your carpets have been properly cleaned, we use a pressure sprayer to disperse an even coat of protectant across your floor. After the initial application, one of our professional carpet cleaners will use a carpet brush to sweep the protective solution deep into the carpet. This will ensure the protective layer penetrates through each and every one of your carpet fibers. After your carpet is thoroughly dried, the protective layer will form a seal around each fiber, which in turn will keep the carpet cleaner for longer.


Fluorchem is a moisture resistant carpet treatment used to deter harsh stains from setting into your carpet. Normally, a coffee or fruit punch spill would be detrimental to the integrity of your carpet, however: flourochem creates a barrier between what is spilled and what your carpet is able to absorb. Flourochem allows you the chance to clean up a spill before it has the opportunity to dye or remain in your carpet fibers! Protect your carpets longer by asking your Steam Pro professional for a fluorchem treatment after your next steam carpet cleaning.

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