We use the top fabric protectors in the industry, Master Blend and Flourochem. These fabric protectors can be used on all water safe materials, and can be the difference between dingy carpets and sparkly clean carpets! After the carpets and/or upholstery have been cleaned it is the time to protect your investment. We will use a pressure sprayer to apply an even coat on the surface area that needs to be protected. After applying to carpets, we will brush the protectant into the fibers using a state-of-the-art carpet brush. When the protected fabric dries, it is essentially sealed.

What does Flourchem do?

Have you ever spilled something all over your carpets you were afraid would never come out? The Flourochem treatment creates a barrier between what is spilled and what is able to be absorbed into the fabric fibers. This product can mean the difference between the fabrics being cleaned as opposed to a fabric becoming permanently stained. Also, Flourochem works wonders on all water based, oil based, and dry soil spills. The next time you’re getting your carpets professionally cleaned, be sure to ask for the Flourchem treatment.

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