Cleaning Pet Stains

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The kids have been pleading with you to get a dog for years, and you finally give in to their wishes. Dread overcomes you as the war between your new puppy and clean carpet ensues. Puppy 4. Carpet 0.

Dealing with the unpleasant stains and smells your excitable little pooch leaves behind can be frustrating and a simple cleaning spray is not going to remove pet stains effectively. In fact, if you peel back a layer of your carpet, you would find either a puddle or discolored floorboards courtesy of your pets use of the indoor facilities.

Ideally, you will need to clean or replace not only the carpet but the padding as well. Failure to do so will result in continuous unpleasant odors and reappearing stains. However, there are a few things you can do to stay on top of the mess.

For wet carpet stains:

  • Soak it up! Grab a thick layer of paper towels and cover the wet stain. Then cover that with newspapers. If possible, put a sheet of newspaper underneath the stain as well. Stand on top of the paper- a minute should do, and repeat until the area is nearly dry.
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse, and repeat! Use clean, cold water and blot the area dry.
  • To avoid repeat accidents, toss the soaked paper towel in the designated potty area to attract your furry trainee.

For old stains:

  • Rent a carpet cleaner.
  • Use a top-of-the-line pet odor neutralizer after the area is clean.
  • Use a carpet stain remover after neutralizing and drying the carpet if the stain is still present.
  • Don’t use steam cleaners. The heat will permanently set the stain and odor on your carpet.
  • Chemicals such as ammonia and vinegar may entice your pet to pop a squat in the same spot, so avoid them.
  • If the urine has soaked down into the carpet padding, you may need to replace it.

If all else fails, call in Denver’s number 1 experts in pet odor control- Steam Pro Inc! We only use products that are 100% safe for your family and pets. We are so confident in our service that if you’re not satisfied the first time, we will come back and treat your carpet again. And if your carpet is beyond repair, we will refer you to some carpet restoration experts who can help you replace those stained pieces of carpet.


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