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The warm summer days are winding down and as the kids get ready for school to start their vacation antics are coming to a close. The pitter patter of muddy feet tracking dirt in and out of the house is subsiding, and messy popsicles are replaced with bowls of Cheerios at the kitchen table.

As a parent, you know that vacuuming doesn’t remove all of the dirt and mud ground down into your floors and sometimes it takes a professional to tackle the mess your kids have left behind. It’s time to feel right about the space you provide your family and after a summer full of wear and tear on your floors, there is no better time to get your carpets, tile, grout, and upholstery cleaned and ready for fall.

Get your carpets cleaned today! Denver Carpet Cleaners

Steam Pro Inc will get your home ready for cozy school nights of homework on the living room floor and weekend documentaries cuddled up on the sofa. Steam Pro Inc will also get your kitchen floors so clean you can eat off of them- literally the 5-second rule need not apply!

Our professionals provide the Denver Metro and surrounding areas with 100% green carpet cleaning that is safe for children and pets. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and our 3 step process easily removes surface-level stains left behind from months of heavy play. Our pricing is done upfront and includes the removal and preparation of furniture before the cleaning process.

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There are many boxes to check with back-to-school and adding your yearly carpet cleaning to that list is an easy reminder that your flooring should be deep cleaned at least once a year by a professional.

We are now accepting back-to-school appointment requests so get in touch today!

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