Keep Your Pets And Your Hard Surfaces Happy With These Tips

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We all love to come home after a hard day’s work to be greeted by our beloved fur babies. Be it a dog, cat, or the ever so famous curly tailed piglet; their wagging tails always seem to melt our hearts. That is until we see the mess they have so graciously created during their solo day of play. Trash strewn throughout the house, the cushions are off of the couch, and worst of all, your fur baby has turned your house into a giant potty pad.

Yes, the look of remorse is evident on their sweet faces, but you must not overlook the damage it causes to the hard surfaces in your home. These daily inconveniences can cause irreversible damage to your floors- so much so, you may need to call in a team of professionals to restore them.  Keep carpets clean and pets safe- Denver

Following are some tips to protect those fabulous floors of yours!

Natural Stone: This includes clay tile, granite, slate, and travertine which are all porous materials that absorb liquids and are prone to staining. To prevent stains from any liquid spill, clean it up with pH-neutral non-toxic cleaner, immediately! Additionally, periodic mopping also helps maintain your floors hard surfaces as pets track in all kinds of nasty debris from outside.

Other natural stones: Marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx need special care. These stones are considered calcareous and are composed of calcium carbonate which makes them highly sensitive to acidic substances. Surprise, surprise! Your favorite pet’s urine is very acidic! As such, Sir Barks Alot, Purrincess, and even Oinkers urine can etch and dull that beautiful stone surface in your home in mere seconds! The stain and stench can be tough to remove if it’s left on the stone for long periods of time.

Sealing the hard surfaces in your home is the most effective way to prevent etching, staining, and lingering smells on your floor. Sealants will also help to keep liquid at the surface making it much easier for you to clean.

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Your pet’s nails: Your pet’s nails are your hard floors worst enemy. Your favorite fur baby’s nails easily scratch marble, limestone, and many other types of soft rock material. These scratches can only be buffed out with the help of a professional stone restoration expert so to keep those floors in tip-top shape; it’s best to keep up on your best friends manicure schedule!

Rugs are your friend: Laying down carpets in high traffic areas can protect the delicate nature of your floors from scratches, spills, and stains from all of your favorite fur babies!

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The professionals at Steam Pro Inc understand that pets can wreak havoc on all types of floors yet it is possible to enjoy them both. With a little bit of maintenance and proper pet training of your pet and some deep cleaning from us, you can maintain beautiful floors and happy pets!

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