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Pet Odor Removal

Just because we love our pets doesn’t mean we have to love the smells they leave behind. At Steam Pro, we know that your beloved family pet is just another member of that family, which is why we are committed to only using cleaning products that are 100% safe for pets and children!


What pet odor control means for your home

Our pet odor control service is typically reformed after our intense Steam Pro carpet and upholstery cleaning service is performed. We want to ensure all of the hair, dirt, and stains are removed before we topically spray our organic bio odor control. This product can be applied to both carpeting and upholstery, and it will fight the toughest lingering scent of urine and other pet-related odors. Our product will also neutralize the alkaline which will deter your pet from marking their scent on your carpets and furniture. We will even go as far as injecting the odor control solution into the affected carpet or upholstery padding to reach those areas that contain the smell but cannot be reached by machinery.

It is important to note that this service does add on to the associated dry time of the sprayed area.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our pet odor control that we guarantee neutralization of odors. We will even come back for a second treatment if you do not find the first application satisfactory.  

In severe cases, our carpet experts may find the fiber or padding is too damaged for the spray treatment to effectively work. In this case, we will refer you to one of our carpet restoration experts who can talk to you about the different options you have moving forward.

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