Steam Pro’s pet odor control service uses all-natural organic products. After Steam Pro’s carpet and upholstery cleaning service is completed, we can apply an organic bio modifier odor control. We will apply a topical spray on the surface of your carpet and/or upholstery fabric. This product works to eliminate urine and all organic odors. Also, it will neutralize the alkaline associated with urine. We do apply a good volume to treat for the odors so this will increase dry time. We also can inject our odor neutralizers into the carpet padding and/or upholstery batting using a syringe injection process. We have a guarantee on odor treatment. If the odor persists due to a sever problem, we will come out a second time and reapply treatment at no charge. If the problem continues, then a restoration process is needed. On carpets, that would include replacing the pad with new padding, re-stretch the carpet and re-secure it. This service can be done for an additional charge.

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