Is it Time to Have Your Floors Professionally Cleaned?

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You see the tile in your home every day. It looks the same to you now as it did when you first bought it. Or so you think. Chances are you don’t notice that it’s not as clean as it used to be. The color is faded and dull, and the grout lines are black and dirty. Don’t wait for your family or friends to point out that your floors are dirty.

Here are a few tips to help you determine if it’s time to have your tile professionally cleaned.

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Take a Peak at Old Photos

Look at some photos of your tile when it was new. If those photos show your floors looking all bright and shiny versus the stained, discolored floors you come home to every day, all of the scrubbing in the world won’t restore them.

If you can’t find photos depicting your new floors, look around for extra tile you didn’t put down. This tile is untouched and not subjected to the daily wear and tear of everyday life, so it should be squeaky clean. If the color is significantly different, you need the help of a professional!

Tile and Grout cleaning in Denver

Test a Spot

Your tile may be stained, so do a spot check. Test a sample spot on your floor with the appropriate cleaner for your specific tile, a sturdy, non-abrasive brush, and start scrubbing. If the water in your bucket is getting dirty, and the spot on your floor is getting brighter, your tile needs a good cleaning! Doing this yourself may be time-consuming so call in an expert to help get the job done.

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Check Your Grout

When your grout starts to become stained and breaks down, it compromises the integrity of your tile floors as well- This is a sign that your sealer, which protects the tile and grout, is breaking down. Broken down grout creates crevices that let in water and bacteria which threatens your floor. If you find that your grout is still dingy after a good cleaning, you have a problem. Your best bet is to have a professional come in and clean your tile and grout and then have your floors resealed to protect them.

Dingy floors will make your whole home look uninviting and the longer they are left untreated, the more vulnerable they are to damage. So don’t wait to clean them until it is pointed out to you by a guest! Steam Pro Inc professionals are your top choice for all tile and grout cleaning in Denver so give us a call today!

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