Carpet and fabric protection

Water Damage To Your Carpets

If your home recently experienced water damage due to a frozen pipe burst or flooding, it’s probably time to bring in a Denver carpet repair specialist to evaluate your carpets and upholstery.

Carpet Damage after Flood or Frozen Pipes

Water damage can lead to costly repairs all around, from carpets to furniture and ventilation systems. At Steam Pro, we will try to limit your loss by using our powerful truck-mounted equipment to extract water quickly and thoroughly. Our carpet water damage experts are thorough and use specialized equipment to detect levels of moisture in walls and ceilings to identify areas of hidden or trapped water.

Standing water can breed bacteria so it is important to call us right away when you experience an issue. Our water damage team will be sure to remove the standing water and properly place the equipment so the affected area can dry entirely.

We also have a carpet water team that can come out once the damage is cleaned to help you salvage and save as much carpeting as possible. Carpet repair in Denver has never been easier!

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