For over 32 years, Lakewood has called on SteamPro for carpet cleaning and air duct needs. We guarantee your satisfaction with every job performed.

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Steam Pro carpet cleaningCarpet Cleaning

SteamPro uses a three-step approach to carpet cleaning. Lakewood residents have noticed a difference with our service. We get stains removed that other companies can’t and we use 100% natural products with our guarantee on every job.

Duct cleaning service DenverAir Duct

SteamPro will clean and maintain your air ducts to ensure you are not exposed to allergens, mold or bacteria. We check all standard vents, supply vents, cold air returns, main trunk lines and furnace and their components.

Upholstery cleaning denver

Upholstery Cleaning

Look no further for upholstery cleaning in Lakewood. SteamPro walks through the problems with you and then begins the pre-test to see what the best treatment will be. Once determined we will extract the stains.

Tilt and Grout

SteamPro has the best equipment for tile and grout jobs. We take a seven-step approach when cleaning tile and grout with a satisfaction guarantee on our work.

Living with Pets - Tips to Reduce Pet OdorsPet Odor

Many residents in Lakewood choose our pet odor treatment in addition to their carpet or upholstery cleaning. There are so many factors to why our pets stink up our house, so get the job done with SteamPro where we guarantee to neutralize the odor.

Steam Pro carpet cleaning

Carpet Restoration

Floods or burst frozen pipes can cause such a mess and leave you with damage that could become very costly. At SteamPro we help restore your carpets to try and keep your costs at a minimum.



COVID-19 - Steam Pro's Safety Precautions

1. Our technicians wear N-95 masks, gloves, and boaties. 2. Our equipment is fog sanitized between EVERY JOB! 3. We exercise social distancing as recommended by CDC and best practices.