Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Water damage from a frozen or burst pipe can be significant, and you shouldn’t delay calling Steam Pro to provide water cleanup and restoration.

Is Your Property Flooded

When your property is affected by a flood, the situation is quite different than if you had water damage due to an appliance leak or burst pipe.

Flood removal usually involves a large amount of water, as well as sediment and debris that often comes with flooding. The water is also contaminated, and can cause a host of problems to both your property and to your health.

Not only are you protecting your health, but you can reduce your total losses by having flood removal and drying handled in the most efficient way possible to protect your property from further damage.

Do You Have Water At Your Property

Do you have standing water, soaking wet carpets, water trapped in the wall, floor, or ceiling at your property

All of these things can cause water damage and water extraction is necessary to remove the water and begin drying your property.

When Should You Seek Water Damage Restoration Services

Water extraction should happen as soon as possible after water damage occurs, as this will help reduce your losses and reduce the amount of time it will take to dry your property.

At Steam Pro, we use powerful truck-mounted equipment to extract water quickly and thoroughly. We also use specialized equipment to detect levels of moisture in walls and ceilings to identify areas of hidden or trapped water.