Clean Carpet Tips During The Holidays

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With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to start planning how you will keep your carpet clean throughout the holidays. Between the influx of traffic that comes from visiting family and the host of festive meals that will be served, this time of year can pose the greatest threat to your home’s carpeting. It may feel like keeping your carpet clean through holiday parties and family gatherings is impossible, but with a good plan and a few easy preparations, you can maintain beautiful carpets throughout the entire holiday season.

To maintaining beautiful carpets, it is best to try and prevent them from being exposed to dirt and dust. Since an increased number of people will be walking through your home, there are a lot more opportunities for disgusting contaminant to be tracked in from the street. Here are a couple prevention tips!


#1 Remove Shoes at the Door

The first, and most effective way to combat dirty carpeting is by requesting your guests to remove their shoes at the door. This step immediately prevents the gross and embarrassing stains that are caused by the multitudes of disgusting compounds brought in on the soles of your guest’s shoes. By politely requesting that guests remove their shoes at the door, you can prevent almost all the stains caused by foreign matter binding to the fibers in your rugs. To make this appeal seem less of an imposition, consider purchasing a small shoe rack or bin for guests to store their shoes. Additionally, house slippers are an inexpensive solution for guests who are uncomfortable walking around barefoot or in their socks. Creating a “no shoes” policy at home is your first defense against stains this holiday season.


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#2 Try to keep Food and Drinks Away from Carpeted Areas

Phase two in the battle for clean carpets is considering your menu and where your meals will be served. Oily foods and brightly colored drinks pose a much larger threat to your carpets than regular snacks and white wine. Keeping this in mind will help you decide where it is best to present each course. For instance, avoid serving red wine in areas with white carpeting, ensure that your heavy meals are contained to a single room, and prevent guests from wandering with plates laden with holiday delicacies.


Spills and splashes are bound to happen, but be aware of the risks and have a sound strategy that can diminish and contain stains. When a spill does occur, act fast! Allowing the stain to sit makes it harder to remove and gives it opportunity to spread. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends three important tips for managing these small stains:

  • Don’t use too much carpet cleaner. By using excessive carpet cleaner, you can damage your carpet and actually make the spot larger.
  • Don’t rub the carpet. This causes the stain to penetrate deeper into the fibers of your rugs making it harder to remove. Use a dabbing technique instead.  
  • Whenever possible, vacuum the carpet before using chemical cleaners. This will ensure no unnecessary particles get embedded in your flooring during the cleaning process.


Finally, call Steam Pro for a professional carpet cleaning after all your holiday gatherings. A thorough steam carpet cleaning will leave your carpeting looking fresh and vibrant, and ensures that no stain gets left behind. We are experts in carpet cleaning with years of experience and skills to leave your carpet looking brand new.

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