Does your Area Rug Get the Attention it Deserves?

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You spent hours picking out the perfect area rug for your home. Taking into careful consideration the style, color, and even texture to ensure it would bring the entire room together. It is the focal centerpiece that turns your house into a home. Without proper maintenance, the beauty and luster you were attracted to will continue to fade. Your rug becomes dirty and littered with harmful bacteria, and not so pleasant smells. You may not notice it right away, but one day you will come home from work with an armful of groceries, and it will hit you!

“What happened to my rug?”

Well, let me tell you what happened. According to the IICRC, a non-profit certification and Standards Developing Organization for the cleaning, inspection, and restoration industries, 64% of U.S. homeowners have area rugs and only 40% of said owners clean them on a regular basis. So I am sorry to say, you must fall into that 40th percentile!

Rugs require proper maintenance to retain their appearance and durability. Especially in high-traffic areas of your home. If you have children or pets, the chances are they are using your rug as a racetrack for their cars, a runway for their dolls, and in worst case scenarios, a bathroom for your pet! Not to mention the bacteria and allergens that now call your rug home.

Based on IICRC’s S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning, rug owners should have their carpets professionally cleaned annually, and in some cases, semi-annually, to maintain their original state.

Factors to consider for proper rug maintenance:

  • Traffic
  • Pets
  • Soil Levels
  • Children
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Vacuuming, and more.

If your area rug is in a high traffic spot, or you have pets and children traipsing around on it like it’s a high-stakes game of Twister, chances are the rug needs to be professionally cleaned twice a year. However, regular at-home maintenance done by none other than you is a must! So have fun with it!

To tackle everyday rug maintenance without a professional rug cleaner, here are a few things you should know. Yes, most rug manufacturers sell their products with a warranty, but to avoid damaging the delicate fibers, dyes and overall construction of that one-of-a-kind masterpiece you love so much.

Follow these tips from IICRC:

  • Vacuum rugs regularly
  • Hand vacuum fringe
  • Scoop or blot spills- never rub
  • Rotate rugs annually

Vacuuming your rug twice a week will pick up dry soil such as dirt, hair and even crushed up Cheerios left by junior and missed by Fido. If it has fringe, take time to hand vacuum it to avoid fraying or damaging the beautiful trim. It will help maintain its overall appearance.

Regular vacuuming also improves indoor air quality by removing trapped pollutants and harmful bacteria that can be damaging to your health and cause respiratory issues, skin infections, and allergies.

If the unimaginable happens and you drop a plate of, let’s go with spaghetti, on your rug, make sure to scoop and blot up the sauce and noodles. Never scrub! It will just push the mess further down into the fibers making it impossible to remove the stain.

Following these simple steps will significantly increase the life expectancy of your rug- and sanity.

Is it that time of year?

When it’s time for that annual or semi-annual deep clean, call in the certified professionals at Steam Pro Inc. Our technicians are trained to recognize the materials and dyes unique to your rug to determine the best possible cleaning method to protect your family heirloom. We use only 100% Green and Natural Organic products, to ensure your home remains free of harmful and toxic chemicals. So take the necessary steps to upgrade your rug and your life!

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