Redecorating After The Kids Go To College: Newly Spare Room Ideas

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When your kids go off to college, it’s always hard to let go and watch them leave the nest, but we’ve found these great spare room ideas may ease some of the pain.

Some parents consider conserving their kid’s room for the sake of memories, but it may be more painful to go this route. We figure, as your kids have grown up and moved on, you should too.

Here is a fun list of ideas that will transform your newly spare room into a great home asset.


Guest Room Extravaganza

Invite your in-laws, your friends, or even list the room on AirBnB.com to earn a little extra cash! A new room that welcomes guests can also welcome new energy into your home, making the transition a little easier.


Hobby Room

We all have them and wish we spent extra time on using them to de-stress and refocus. Turning your kid’s old room into a hobby room may be just what you need in the midst of your newly-empty nest.


Full Fitness Room

When your children come back home for spring break, they’ll have new experiences to share with you and you’ll have a new healthy lifestyle to show off! Investing in equipment and turning that spare room into a fitness center can save you monthly gym membership fees!


Extended Master Bedroom

Your college student has flown the nest, and it’s looking like they’re going to be on the 6-year-plan. What does that mean? It means you can spend some extra time knocking a few walls down and extending your master bedroom, kitchen and/or living room! A little personal sweetener for paying college tuition.


Quirky Reading Nook

Nothing can be more relaxing than a comfy chair and a really good book, so why not put those together to make a reading nook? All you’ll need for this task is a few book shelves, some relaxing wall art and some cozy furniture. Take your mind off of your empty nest with this great escape!



Every year, watching your kids leave after the summer gets a little easier, and hopefully these great spare bedroom transformations can help.

So what happens when your kids come home for summer and fall break? You’ll just have a little explaining to do, that’s all.

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