Fall Allergy Triggers & How to Survive Them

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Fall is here, and so are popular allergy triggers

Colder weather is just around the corner and when the temperature drops, you may encounter common fall allergies. Allergy triggers like ragweed, mold, and dust mites may find their way into your home and on your clothes. Those with common allergies may experience flares in their allergic reactions in the spring and summer seasons with tree and grass pollen, but that doesn’t mean the fall and winter months bring good news.

These cold weather allergy triggers floating around may bring uncomfortable symptoms like a runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, and congestion.

Ragweed Pollen  A single plant can produce up to 1 billion pollen grains during its life, which may just last one season, but can travel hundreds of miles and end up right at your doorstep

Mold  This trigger can live both indoors and outdoors in damp environments. From piles of leaves and dying plants to basements, mold can live in several different areas. Mold doesn’t die off when cold weather comes around,instead it maintains a dormant state until temperatures rise. Be sure to clean thoroughly to eliminate all signs of mold.

Pets  While we do have our furry loved ones all year-round, when the cooler months come around, our pets start growing their thicker winter coats. These coats become a bigger trap for more dust, dirt, and dander.

Dust Mites – This allergen is very common in many homes as it thrives and multiplies in humid and warm areas. Their favorite hiding areas consist of carpets, beds, couches and of course, heating ducts.

What does all this mean when it comes to you, your family, and your home?

Well, one of the best ways to stop these flare-ups is to minimize your exposure to allergy triggers. When it’s time to turn your heat on, if your ducts haven’t been cleaned, all of those dark areas where these triggers can rest will be pushed all throughout your home. Be sure to call a professional company, like Steam Pro Inc., to thoroughly clean your heating ducts, carpets, and furniture.


Reduce these allergy triggers by doing the following:

Duck for cover

Keep doors and windows closed when the outside pollen levels are higher than normal. Don’t show up to work with puffy eyes and a runny nose; be sure to keep your car windows sealed as well, because pollen counts are normally at the highest in the mornings.

Clean. Your. Vents

This is one of the most important things you can do to minimize your exposure! This process will ensure you’ve removed the pollen, mold, pet dander and dust mites from your vents before air starts circulating through them.

Do lawn work with a mask

Yes, you may look a little crazy, but this will help keep the mold spores that gather in damp leaves and weeds out of your lungs. (We’re not saying you can’t ever run and jump in the leaves with your little ones, though).

Use that dryer

There’s nothing like using mother nature to lower your electric bill, but hanging sheets and clothing out to dry invites pollen and mold to settle in the fibers.

Take showers at night

Showering and washing your hair at night will help wash away all dust and pollen that clings to your skin and hair. This method will ensure you don’t drag dust and pollen into your bed, making for a peaceful sleep.

Wash away the settled dust

It’s that time again to pull out the thick comforters and sweaters that you’ve stored away for the summer months. Before hanging everything up and changing the linen, make sure you put them through a quick wash to ensure the settled dust and mold that may have settled is eliminated.

These are also great precautions to take in the spring and summer time once different allergy triggers are introduced. While you’re pulling the winter boxes down from the attic, Steam Pro will make sure your air ducts are good-to-go for the fall!

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